Our Story


My name is Olena and I am Project Manager with 20+ years of experience working in corporate world. As a mother of three I have a busy schedule managing school and activities for my kids. One of the biggest struggles is to manage 'screen' time of my kids and put the restrictions for time and content they have access to via computers and tablets. I was looking to the robotics kits as a good balanced solution where kids involved in building robots using their hands and brain and coding it to perform different challenges. As I started playing robotics with my kids, I found out that as more advanced robot kit is the more time and effort it requires – obviously, not mentioning how expensive advanced kits are. 

I started looking for the class where my kids have access to different type of robots. I hoped those classes can save me time of getting up to speed with each kit and money of buying and storing those kits at home. It was also nice to have the instructor who can explain and build the challenges together with the kids. To my big surprise I could not find any in my area (San Francisco to San Mateo). There are a lot of good Coding classes and schools but no one focusing on robots. This is how the idea and the decision to organize the Robotics Tech Club was born. 

In Robotics Tech Club our goal is to provide kids with the place, where they can learn and play different types of robots with age-appropriate instructions and challenges provided and managed by Club’s knowledgeable staff. On another hand, our goal is to provide to the parents with the safe and fun place for their kid with the access to robots. We save parents time – no need to learn the robots; and money – no need to buy expensive robotics kits.